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We do what's this see let's see if these teeth get all better isn't Dentist North lakes working yeah it is yeah Oh what do you think it's game time or he just come on so do a seat look good no let's see what let's open it up Smiles Dental Care ready oh my goodness Maggie.
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You brush your tongue do the inside of his teeth is disgusting Dentist Redcliffe will shut up the stream yeah dude here dude you gotta take out all the nasty stuff go let's see oh yeah look there's some cavities there come on get Mango Hill Dentist all out get it out oh I'll help man this is bad wait look look at this one.

Oh No do this fuck he ate so much candy sugar made his tongue come off I'll take his candy out his house I'm neve eating you're not gonna eat it again oh my goodness oh that was still kind of roof of his mouth drill inside of his tooth okay you do it, okay I'll get out some more jump drill is oh man wait here why you need dentist.

Family dentist North lakes gotta give him a new tooth how about that Wow okay drill inside of it you Music know what had you drill it what cuz I wanted to give him a what's that let me sweet you know what Family dentist Deception bay think he's gonna need a bridge a gummy bridge Mike.
You no was that dude's got a dummy bridge, Wow oh your teeth are clean you want to have an airhead fight let's totally get a TV right now oh family dentist redcliffe are stuck a weapon Oh I won I won all right let's pull and see who gets the longest piece you ready one TW three holy.
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